Solar Street Light

This product is a unique product Operating as a solar street light, the system consists mainly of solar panels, battery bank and control electronics with lighting luminaries the system operates in an automatic mode from dusk to dawn operation. The control electronics senses voltage from the panel during dawn and switches off the luminaries allowing for charging to take place from the solar module.

Technical Specifications

Lamp : 11Watt CFL
Light Output : 900 Lumen
Module : 2 Nos of 37 Wp
Operating time : 12 Hours
Battery Backup : 3 Days
Battery Bank : 12V-80H


  • Over-current protection and status LED’s
  • Eliminates utility line Extensions
  • Location flexibility
  • Temperature compensation
  • Range of Models
  • Automatic lighting controller with adjustable run times
  • Fast and easy installation
  • PWM Technology Based
  • As Per MNES Standard


  • Residential roadways and intersection
  • Marinas and campgrounds
  • Community area lighting Forest area lighting
  • School ground security lighting
  • Parks and recreation areas
  • Parking lots Industrial street lighting