Remote Energy Management System (REMS)

Remote Energy Management System (REMS) has been adopted for monitoring and Recording of commercial power consumption. EPIC ENERGY has developed a similar system for Real Time Management (RTM) of Street Lighting through REMS using GSM/GPRS technology.

2 sets of electronic metering and 2 sets of GSM/GPRS modem were provided for recording and data communication. Both of which are interfaced; each set is for 1 circuit of transformer type and power electronic type. Real time data of kW, kVAR, kWh, Power Factor and Line faults , etc., has been sent continuously via GSM/GPRS mobile communication system to data control center at Public Utilities head office in which status, metering data and graphic reporting has been executed by EPIC Energy’s proprietary software.




  • 3 Phase system interface
  • Parameter and fault monitoring for individual phases
  • Data Logger
  • Fault/Alarm Logger
  • On-board ral time clock(RTC)
  • Calendar timing – four timing per day
  • PC interface
  • IN-BUILT power supply
  • SMS data logger – On predefined time intervals
  • SMS triggers – On predefined triggers/parameters
  • Instant parameter pulling trough secure SMS
  • Fault reporting via SMS
  • Remote configuration trough password controlled SMS
  • PC software