Misson Vision


  • More than 25 customers in India, UAE and USA in offices, Street lighting, Shops, Hotels and Industries. nWorks well for linear loads and small power loads.
  • Series inductive impedances to smoothen the voltage wave form and shunt Capacitive Elements to reduce the currents by giving localised per phase dynamic reactive compensations.
  • 8 -Bit Micro -Controller with Real time clock for perfect corrections and RISC processor for accurate computation of the inductance & capacitances for ideal operations.
  • Programs to intelligently match the supply voltages and the load currents for optimum power transfer. Dv/dt is adjusted by variable inductances using ldi/dt.
  • Intelligent Switching operation with fast response and high reliability relays with a guaranteed operation of 1 million switching.


  • We envision a future where Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy Devices are available to every citizen of the world, at the household level.
  • We envision the preservation of natural fossils to maintain the ecological balance of the earth.
  • We envision the judicious use of available power and the use of the Wind and the Sun to power households at competitive prices with the proper application of research and development.